If your business requires some form of tracking or monitoring, you need to talk to us.

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Using Bluetooth, we provide unique technology solutions for businesses across the globe. Bluetooth is often associated with connecting a phone to speakers, or talking hands-fee in the car. We have proven that it’s uses go far beyond this.

We develop the right solution for your business.

From the monitoring of fridge temperatures, to the management of people on your site, OnSight has catered for a wide pool of businesses. Our team has experience working across many platforms and are experts in integration. Providing accurate information, on-the-go, is what our customers need and it’s what we deliver.

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Through the power of OnSight Core Bluetooth Gateway's and devices (Smart devices or Beacons) enable the automatic collection of movement & location

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Using bluetooth technology, your results are instantaneous. There’s no waiting for reports to come in, or feeling left in the dark because you don’t understand the technology. We connect your technology with ours so that you receive real-time readings, alerts, and more. If you have special requirements for how you want to receive information, we can set this up in the way that best works for you.

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Applying our software is often a straightforward process that, depending on complexities, can be implemented in a matter of days. We already have the developed technology so it is simply a case of connecting to your systems.

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Customised interfaces

Capability to apply your businesses branding and colours to interfaces across all platforms

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Robust Reporting

Realtime reporting allows actionable insight into movement of people and assets back to the decision makers

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Systems Integration

We are vendor agnositc, which means we can integrate easily with most solutions